March 30, 2005

card sharks

I had dinner with the McDimples on Easter Sunday. The Adorable 4-Year-Old Niece was in attendance and as usual, she bent my ear about SpongeBob Squarepants, the latest feats she's accomplished in gymnastics class, preschool gossip and several other topics near and dear to her wee heart. She's recently discovered that Go Fish is a fun way to pass the time in between SpongeBob episodes and somersaults so I was recruited to play.

The Niece dealt the first hand and we each diligently removed our pairs. She allowed me to go first so I asked if she had any tropical fish. She followed up with a request for an octopus (it was an aquarium-themed deck, you see). We were able to satisfy each other's needs and were playing together quite nicely. Until she accused me of cheating.

She didn't point any fingers or make any heated accusations necessarily but, instead, she quietly put her cards down and then went and told her mother on me. I honestly didn't know I was shaking down a 4-year-old. I asked for a particular card and, upon her directive, I went fishing... and kept on fishing under the assumption that I had to keep taking cards until I got the one I originally requested. Isn't that how the game goes? Or am I confusing it with UNO? Either way, it was an honest mistake.

I'm not concerned that The Niece thinks I'm dishonest. No way. I'm alarmed that a) she's a tattle-tale and b) my method was clearly helping her cause and she didn't capitalize on it. I really need to roll up my sleeves and teach this girl how to swindle apparently.

In other news, the McDimples will soon have a new addition. The Recently Betrothed Sister is apparently VERY fertile. No doubt that upon hearing the good news, the very Catholic mother was doing the math to see exactly when this here conception took place. It was really kissing the wedding date, you see. So, by the end of August (if all goes well), I will have a new niece or nephew to corrupt, er, I mean spoil. Brace yourselves for baby minutiae, egregious fawning and other obnoxious auntie behavior.