May 18, 2005

my other talent

The Lovely Jess and Her Roommate held a White Trash Potluck in honor of last night's premiere of that craptastic Britney/Kevin joint otherwise known as Chaotic. Speaking of ill-advised Spederline collaborations, Jess is still still hosting the Name the Spederfetus contest. Check it out, y'all.

Last night's din din included mac n' cheese, pork chops marinated in ketchup and Coke, pigs in the blanket, fish sticks and Dorito Salad. I came equipped with a 40 (in truth, it was two 22s but close enough) and a dessert certain to cause diabetes or at the very least, several dozen cavities. Behold the Twinkie Sunflower Cake!

it's all sugary, y'all

:: 8 Twinkies (10 actually come in a box but The Roommate and I both scarfed one before dessert was served so I had to "pluck" some petals, if you will)

:: 1 Ring Ding

:: Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Syrup

:: Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips

:: Hubba Bubba Sour Apple Bubble Tape Gum (this is where I strayed from the recipe and freestyled a bit. Nice touch, no?)
Feel free to add it to your personal recipe files, y'all!