April 21, 2005

a public service announcement

Don't ever let it be said that I'm not helpful...

1. To the visitor who arrived at my site by searching for "songs from silence of the lambs that the weirdo is dancing too [sic] naked":
Even though I never specifically referenced that song or scene on this here blog, I do know the answer to this question! The song is "Goodbye Horses" and it's sung by Q. Lazarus. I know this because it also appeared on the Married to the Mob soundtrack (another Jonathan Demme film). I used to own the cassette but I eBayed it a few years ago and paid the Con Ed with the dough I raised. I'm sure you can download it somewhere or buy a used copy (perhaps my old one) on eBay or Amazon.com. Best of luck!

2. To the visitor seeking "slang expressions short bus mentally retarded":
I believe the term you're looking for here is "tart cart." You're welcome and see you in hell!

3. To the visitor who Googled "purple nurples in the nuts":
I really have nothing to offer here except for some concern for the recipient. But while we're on the subject, I always thought purple nurples were relegated to the breasts? Am I mistaken? God, I can't imagine applying one to a dude's nuts. I've never received an "upstairs" one myself but the pain of having one of my girls violently twisted like a knob is easily imagined, I assure you. Lawdy, for a boy to suffer that fate down there... well, I just don't know what to say other than OUUUUUUUUUUUUCH! I don't even have nuts and I'm experiencing sympathy pains.

4. To the visitor who searched for "std itchy balls":
Um, if you're looking for health advice from a reputable source, I heartily recommend that you alter your search term slightly. Like maybe use the word "inflamed" instead.

5. To the visitor wanting to know how to "spell diarrhea":
Congrats, you just did! Here's hoping your next search isn't "diarrhea remedies."

6. To the visitor who asked Yahoo "is daphne zuniga gay?":
No, the Melrose Place alum who is an alleged lesbo is Marcia Cross (currently enjoying renewed fame on Desperate Housewives). However, Marcia totally denied it and has been seen about town with a man on her arm. Which means nothing because, well, denial and beards were my best friends for many years. Didn't mean I didn't like me some hot girl-on-girl when no one was lookin'!

But I digress... Daphne is a breeder as far as I know and I for one am relieved. Why? Yes, she's gorgeous but girlfriend admitted to actually liking Michael Bolton's hair and the music of Wilson Phillips. Unforgivable! You boys can keep her.

7. To the visitor seeking "girl storm belch nauseous":
Now I'm not 100 percent certain but I think I actually spoke to this chick on the phone once. Let me know if this is the belching broad in question and I'll see about hooking the two of you up.

And that's one to grow on...