April 25, 2005

outward bound

I had the great pleasure of spending the past weekend on a beautiful farm in upstate New York. I have tons o' work to catch up on today so, for now, you'll have to settle for a bulleted rundown until such time as I can elaborate on the following:
:: I helped gather firewood and was only mildly upset by the dirt transferred onto my cute track jacket.

:: I sat in the back of a pick-up while it was moving! And I didn't fall out or puke when we hit bumps!

:: I fired a rifle! A bunch of times! And didn't kill or maim anyone!

:: A German Shepherd bit me in the ass. Well, by the looks of things back there, it was more of a wee knosh instead of a full-on bite but still, that's quite a battle scar, no? I mean, it's not like a Bichon Frise took a liking to my kiester or anything like that. To some, German Shepherds are real menacing looking animals. I didn't care though as the dog was cute and playful and meant me no harm. If it was a yappy, mangy-looking thing, I'd think otherwise.
Photos and more details to come! In case you were wondering, there will be NO photos of the dog bite so don't even ask.