September 04, 2004

killer bunny

Dear Vincent Gallo,

I just saw Brown Bunny and I have a few comments:

Thanks for all of those first-person driving shots. I wish Dramamine® was available at the candy counter but then again I haven't had an upset stomach in quite some time and I was beginning to miss the churning sensation.

I guess you liked Chloë Sevigny's passed-out sex scene in Kids so much that you decided to resurrect it in your film. Endearing homage or embarrassing coincidence?

As for the much talked-about scene with Chloë, I have no thoughts other than... impressive penis, young man. It's been a while since I've seen one so thanks for the memories. Oh and way to score a free hummer! I just realized that if I want to kiss a lot of women and be serviced orally without much effort, I just need to author a five-page script like you did. Forgive me if in my rendition, I leave out all the motorcycle stuff and driving around business and just cut to the chase of gettin' me some ass.

Thanks in advance for helping out my sex life.

Curly McDimple