January 20, 2005

on choreography...

Transcripts from my conversation with Jess where she tries to make sense of my rather vague description of dance technique...
Yours Truly: Can you read my post and tell me if I made any stupid typos? I'm immune to them at this point

Jess: Yup! [reads entry] Ha ha ha. I love it

YT: Man, Kenny Loggins On Ice was really disturbing

Jess: I bet!

YT: Like, it was a bunch of white Europeans in skates who thought they could dance. Frankly, it was horrifying

Jess: Yikes

YT: There was a lot of hand shaking going on. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Jess: Jazz hands?

YT: No, not jazz hands. These were facing down like they were trying to shake water off them... but with attitude

Jess: Oh dear!

YT: Like "Oh my wrists are sore and I need to shake them out!" But again, with 'tude

YT: Oh and each one affected a look like "guitar face" when they danced!

Jess: Oh man
Clearly -- and to our credit -- the two of us are completely illiterate when it comes to honkey dance moves.