January 11, 2005

boobwatch, indeed

Excerpts from my conversation with The Lovely Jess upon discovering questionable pictures of The Hoff:
Yours Truly: OMG. I just emailed you a David Hasselhoff calendar. Someone at work gave it to me. It inspired me to research even more Hoff images and look what I found. He.is.such.an.asshole...

Jess: This shit is awful.

YT: Oh, it gets worse.

Jess: WTF?

YT: "Yes, David, now gather the flowers to you while giving the camera a sultry, come-hither look... That's right. Perfect. One more..."

YT: I cannot stop looking at these. I keep finding more and more repellent images. It's becoming a sickness.

YT: Um, David... Yanni called and he wants his shirt back:

Jess: "All images excluding 1990 Calendar on this page scanned from the webmaster's personal collection -- © Nat, Annie." Nat and Annie FRIGHTEN me.

YT: Dear Nat and Annie,
Guten tag! Wie gehts es Ihnen? Sie zwei sind MAJOR FUCKING HEADCASES!

Curly McDimple

YT: "Come closer! Closer! We want to keel you!"

Jess: I just showed them to The Roommate. She said, "Oh man, I had to save the one of him holding the jewelry up to his mouth like he is going to eat it."

YT: "David, your patriotism is admirable but you angered the VFW when you swiped the flag from their foyer."

Jess: OMG...just opened the email you sent.


Jess: OMG OMG OMG. There are no words.
P.S. Sheila has loads of these up on her site! The comments are absolutely killing me. GO NOW!

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