November 17, 2005

on diplomacy

I entered the elevator in the Court Street subway station this evening to find this wee dust-up already in progress...
English Chap: "Sir, you DO realize that you just bumped into me?"

Drunken Slob: "Ugh."

English Chap: "You literally just shoved me out of your path and manhandled me. That was very, very rude. Are you aware of that?"

Drunken Slob: "Mmm. Urgh."

English Chap: "You had better be more careful or there are bound to be repercussions. Just you think about that."
Awww snap! Dem's... uh, very articulate and polite fighting words!

Everyone on the elevator looked over at Drunken Slob expectantly. He reeked of whiskey (hello, angry drunk!) so I thought for sure he'd take a swing at the English fellow, or, at the very least, bawl him out. Instead, he blinked twice, exhaled loudly, waved his hand at the Englishman with a lazy "Eh!" and then shuffled off the elevator.

Chalk one up for good British manners! Although, I personally would have taken a different route and sent the drunk off with a nice Glasgow Kiss and/or a swift kick in the old meat and two veg, but that's just me...