November 11, 2005

the alan alda sensitivity project: addendum

Here is one more item to add to the running list of lessons I gleaned from watching television during my impressionable youth.

11. Programs like The Jeffersons or Diff'rent Strokes often dealt with the important topic of race relations. While the theme was always responsibly covered, both shows frequently used the same template when wrapping up these episodes. It went a little something like this:
A white person (in a guest-starring role) reveals him/herself to be racist. After his/her misdeeds are discovered, the racist will be called a "turkey" (or a "jive turkey") and then have a door slammed in his/her face by an Enlightened White Person (and show regular).

After the audience's satisfied clapping and whooping dies down, said EWP turns to the black person(s) on the show and demonstrates that he/she is down by instigating a "give me five" while exclaiming something like, "Slip me some skin!"
EWP examples: Mr. Drummond, Tom Willis and, of course, Charles Ingalls

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Note: This revelation was inspired by today's IM session with the impossibly kick-ass Helon the Felon.