September 14, 2005


I added another cool celebrity sighting to my collection tonight. I was walking up Lexington Avenue and was just about to bang a left on 58th Street when I saw a short, familiar-looking man with glasses and spiky hair. As I rounded the corner, I got a full glimpse of his face and there was no doubt I knew him.

Courtesy of Muppet CentralI was just about to acknowledge him and then thought the better of it. Why? Because while I know his face, I can never remember his name (Paul Williams; thank you, IMDB) and the words that were about to roll off my tongue were as follows:

"Hey, you're that wee fella that always hung around with the Muppets!"

While I'm not certain he has an issue related to his diminutive stature or penchant for associating with felt puppets, I clammed up just to be on the safe side. You see, I still carry the memory of the horrified look on John Glover's face when, at a loss for his name, I said, "Hey! You're the guy who burned his son! You're the guy who burned his son!" Um, I was referring to his portrayal of Charles Rothenberg, the man who deliberately set fire to a hotel room occupied by his child in the made-for-TV movie David. But, I'm not sure passers-by realized that... Mr. Glover had every right to take a torch to me but he was very polite considering.

I think it's safe to say that I've made tremendous strides with my celebrity encounters, no?