June 02, 2005


My love,
I saw a flicker of recognition and then you went blank. Cold... dead. I was stunned. And then forlorn and choking back tears. My future looked bleak. My life didn't seem worth living without you. The longing was too much to bear. The ache eclipsed all else. I stayed frozen, not wanting to move because standing up would propel the moment forward. If I stayed still, perhaps so would time and I wouldn't have to face the harsh reality of starting over without you. How would I cope?

I stared at you for a long time hoping to will you back. But you remained motionless and unresponsive. My attempts at resuscitation thus far were futile and I thought about giving up. My heart felt like a cinder block in my chest. I blinked quickly to stifle the tears that were just raring to flow freely.

All seemed lost but there was one last bastion of hope that I hadn't exhausted. So with a quickened pulse and my heart thundering at an unhealthy rate, I keyed in the address to a website that I knew could provide the remedy to your dire state.

My hands trembled as I navigated towards the support page and made the appropriate selections from the dropdown menus. I impatiently but dutifully sat through a Quicktime demo offering first aid suggestions for your seemingly lifeless body. I squirmed and fidgeted while my fingers itched to adminster the proper treatment.

My Tiny Wee Studio was quickly converted into a fast-paced O.R. as I barked orders to myself. Hold switch off? Check! Charger plugged in? Check! Cable connected to the computer? Check! What's this? Reboot you? You mean I can do that?!?!

With renewed hope and vigor, I held down your Menu and Select buttons simultaneously. (Please don't think me fresh but it had to be done.) But... nothing happened. I was just about to emit an anguished and impassioned plea to St. Jude when the notion struck to connect you to the charger once more for good measure.

I snapped the cord in place and there it was! A glorious sight to behold! Your Apple icon! And then the main menu! And my carefully and lovingly edited playlists! You were no longer flatlining, my beloved blue mini iPod! You came roaring back to life! Your vitals were once again normal! "Side" by Travis bellowed from your ear buds!!! I wanted to pee, puke and bawl in that moment but instead I found the energy and inspiration to rejoice in a more appropriate fashion. Okay, so maybe there was a little bit o' tinkle and a tear or two here and there but there was nary a trace of spew, that I can assure you.

Um, I'm sorry about the sloppy wet one I planted on you after you awoke. I'm sure that was quite the jarring wake-up call. Oh, and the caressing was meant to be a loving gesture, not the creepy fondling it turned out to be. So I'm sorry if that weirded you out. Hey, hows about we make a little pact? I promise not to get all freaky with you again if you promise not to slip in and out of any more scary comas. Deal?

All of my love,