June 17, 2004

foul language

As you may already know, The Lovely Jess and I tend to IM like the wind on a daily basis. Today's discussion turned somehow to words and phrases that make our skin crawl.

Much fun was had as we giggled and grossed ourselves out by listing our most-hated phrases. For example, the term "slacks" makes me irate. Similarly, Jess cannot abide the use of the word "dungarees." In writing this, I also realized that I detest the the term "canoodling." Must every gossip page use this?! Stop it. Stop it now.

I'm also put off when people say "bucks" instead of "dollars." It's just so... so crass sounding (hmmm... this coming from a person who had to train Blogger's Spell Checker to recognize the words piss, shit, fuck, crappy and asshole to streamline the publishing process.)

Go check out the list and feel free to add to it. You'll find that unleashing your inner neurotic weirdo is both fun and cathartic.