June 04, 2004

analyze me

Okay, so I had a rather odd dream the other night. I'm not good at analyzing dreams anyway but this one really has me baffled. I was driving the Mystery Machine (you know, from Scooby Doo) and I opened the door and got out while it was still moving. I wasn't like Super Dave Osborne or anything... I think it had slowed to a roll so it's not like I made a death-defying leap. I got out and someone else stopped the van. About 10 minutes later, it tipped over onto its side. Shaggy, Scoob, Fred and the rest were not in the van. Please do not think that I offed a bunch of beloved cartoon characters. I also didn't dream in cartoon if that makes sense. It was live action -- bizarre live action at that.

Anyone want to take a crack at figuring out my scary subconscience?