April 24, 2004

my inaugural post

I vividly remember a police officer visiting my class when I was in the 6th grade to discuss the dangers of drugs. During his lecture, the cop lit up a joint and basically told us that one quick puff on it would inevitably lead us down a wretched path where we'd end up smoking crack behind some dumpster in Newark. Now, I'm loathe to admit that he was right but in some cases, I do believe a first taste can result in instant addiction. For me, guest-blogging for a vacationing friend was my gateway drug. I only wrote one entry on blindcavefish.com but I became absolutely intoxicated with the medium. I was thrilled with the notion that I could publish some of my own off-kilter stories and observations in relative anonymity. I won't lie to you -- the thought that I'd achieve a modicum of celebrity and maybe attract me a groupie or two definitely crossed my mind...

I've been published before but I covered a pretty lame beat -- curing diaper rash, creating the perfect mudroom and avoiding botulism at a picnic (note: stay away from the potato salad -- it'll mess you up!) My mother has been known to show my articles to her coworkers and send them to my aunts and uncles in Scotland so I never really had a chance to showcase my salty-tongued, cynical side. So here I am... ready to unleash my potty-mouthed, unedited alter ego.

To JH -- thanks for pestering my ass to do this.