March 27, 2006

dairy share

As I meander through the streets of Brooklyn, I often see piles of books and what not left out on front stoops just waiting to be picked through by interested passers-by. I love this phenomenon. Why, just yesterday, I helped myself to a shrink-wrapped VHS copy of All That Jazz. Mind you, I think that movie is rather insane and Ben Vereen frightens me ever so slightly, but hey, free movie!

I don't mean to disparage the beloved Ben Vereen but I do find him creepy. And I just can't help it. Yes, he's a talented Tony winner but well, still creepy. And like, I know he was run over by that dude who writes all those sappy songs favored by the likes of Celine Dion and Josh Groban and he recovered quite nicely from the accident, but... still creepy.

I think maybe it's the combination of Bob Fosse choreography and Ben's enormous teeth that has me rattled so. What's going on there? Are they dentures? If so, get thee to a new dentist, Ben. Sorry, but you totally got rooked with your current set.

Ahem. Lost the plot for a second there. Ben's cosmetic dentistry was not my original point. Rather, I was discussing the generous nature and transmission of culture by my fellow Brooklynites. Given our literary history (for example, did you know that Truman Capote lived in Brooklyn Heights?), the free book thing doesn't surprise me. Random gifts of dairy, on the other hand? Well that's just a tad shocking. Pay particular attention to Dennis' comment. I cannot stop giggling. For me, it's a visual more delicious than, well, shredded cheddar cheese.

Mmmm... cheese.

via A Brooklyn Life