August 09, 2005


As I stood waiting for my drink at Nowhere Bar, her sinewy body sidled up to mine. I acknowledged her presence with equal parts trepidation and fascination. I decided to throw fear and caution to the wind and make nice.

At first, she inched closer and then backed away. I felt uncertain. Was she seeking my attention? Or just fucking with me in the way her type so artfully does?

She perched herself on the stool next to me and we engaged in a very superficial introduction. But that seemed to be the end of it so I retired to the maroon, tufted faux-leather love seat and dug deep into a conversation with my friend.

Several minutes in, I caught her lurking nearby. Knowing my friend wouldn't mind the interruption, I patted the seat next to me to indicate my willingness to go beyond our rather tame hello. And she obliged without hesitation.

Within minutes, my dexterous hands were at work doing their magic on her lithe, supple frame. She arched her back in response to my touch. Her eyes rolled back and she wiggled and writhed in my lap as my fingers expertly worked through her black, lustrous mane.

I was shocked at my brazen act and the ease of which it was accomplished. It's not like me to make such a public spectacle but I was held captive in her embrace and couldn't resist pleasuring her.

Seriously, I had no choice. T-Bone, the bar cat, grew quite fond of my petting technique, parked herself in my lap and then fell sound asleep for about two hours. I didn't move for fear of rousing her from her slumber. So there she stayed while I continued stroking her soft fur and chatting with my friend.

Wait... what did you think I was talking about?