July 18, 2005

on baby showers and being the seed of chuckie

We threw a baby shower for the second oldest McDimple Girl on Saturday. She gots lots of nice stuff including a GORGEOUS handmade quilt from the lovely and talented Filomena.

I really despise showers but I have to say that we ran an efficient and relatively painless one. The good thing about baby showers is that most of the presents are big (strollers, bouncy seats, etc.) so, unlike a bridal shower, you don't have to sit through the torture of opening one place setting after another. I seriously want to commit hari-kari at bridal showers.

I'm just glad it's done. The sister started her maternity leave so all that's left to do now is to patiently wait for the end of August when the newest member of our brood arrives. Her girth is mostly contained to her belly so if I'm to believe the old wive's tale, I'm going to have a nephew to spoil (as opposed to the belief that a girl "steals your beauty" which means the face, ankles and everything else spreads and widens to freakish proportions.) My sister is all belly. But really, boy or girl makes no difference to moi. I'm just looking forward to another baby's powdery head to smell and kiss.

It was a really enjoyable weekend. Lots of giggling and good food. I stayed at the oldest sister's house on Friday night. The youngest McDimple was there already so we had a few drinks, chatted and half-watched General Hospital on SOAPnet. I used to follow that show religiously but I'm completely lost now. Who the fuck are these people? And how come Mac is no longer Australian? Isn't he Robert Scorpio's brother? I distinctly remember Mac washing ashore in Port Charles with a thick (yet very fake) Aussie accent. And now he sounds like he's from Ohio. WTF?! I guess the powers-that-be can add and drop accents without worry since they have no qualms about completely replacing actors mid-run. Like, who is this broad playing Felicia now?! Again, WTF?!

ANYhoo, as I was getting ready for the shower on Saturday morning, The Adorable Five-Year-Old Niece joined me in front of the bathroom mirror. She likes to help me get ready so I usually let her put a tiny bit of pomade on her fingers and work it through my hair. She believes that by doing that, she's solely responsible for the curl. She takes great pride in it, as a matter of fact.

After putting the finishing touches on my mop, the Niece watched intently as I applied lipstick. When I was done, she said, "You look like a doll."

I wasn't sure if that was a compliment because, well, some dolls are really scary looking, what with those freaky eyes and that dull hair.

"Excuse me?" I asked as visions of Chuckie danced through my head.

"You look like a doll."

"Um, is that a good thing?"

It turns out it was. She couldn't quite articulate why but she was at least able to reassure me that she meant it in a nice way. It's a little bizarre to have a kid who's five tell me, a 31-year-old woman, that I look like one of her play things but whatever, I'll take the compliment.