February 07, 2005

a couple of quick niece-isms

I spent the weekend in Jersey with the McDimples attending a going-away soiree for a family friend as well as a "Soup Bowl" party, as The Adorable 4-Year-Old Niece called it. That was just one of the many doozies she uttered this weekend:
:: One of her favorite books is No, David!. In the story, David is a wee punk constantly being reprimanded by his mother and father. Since the niece is prone to defiant, stubborn behavior herself, she found herself a kindred spirit in David. While reading the book together, I questioned, "Do you do all the bad things David does?" "Only one of them," the niece replied. "Which one?" I asked. The niece then sheepishly mimicked sticking her finger up her nose and said, "But I'm stopping."

Now, I've heard the "But I'm trying to quit" excuse applied to smoking plenty of times but nose-picking is most definitely a first. Regardless, I support her quest to kick the disgusting habit.

:: When I'm home, I'm expected to go to church. As I've said here before, I don't get anything out of it but I don't fight my mother on this issue. I just go and shut up about it. On Sunday morning, the niece was in charge of waking me up. She poked me a few times and said, "Are you going to mask?"

:: During a road trip to the cousin's house, the niece occupied her time in the car by singing to herself. Before long, the whole McDimple clan was singing along with her: "Ann Marie and ivory..." I'll never sing the correct words again. Um, not that I find myself singing that particular song all that much but you know what I mean.

:: The niece wears a yellow Livestrong bracelet in honor of a family friend who succumbed to cancer last year. When someone asked her about the meaning of her bracelet she explained, "Sick people and cool people wear them." "Well, which one are you?" "Cool," she lazily replied.

I should have plenty more of these in a couple of weeks because she's coming to my tiny wee studio for a sleepover. When I told her I planned to take her to a Broadway show, the Central Park Zoo and several other attractions, she became visibly excited. I asked what she was looking forward to most and without hesitation she exclaimed, "Popcorn!" Looks like I'm going to be scaling down my plans a bit...